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A companyࡢility to expedite merchandise and limit exposure is affected directly by its ability to demonstrate informed customs compliance, reasonable care, and low-risk practices.㯭panies that fail to integrate customs compliance and security measures into their process risk increased inspections and delayed shipments. For a list of current services simply click on the link provided.


Compliance Services

Customs Compliance

Freight forwarders play an integral part in the transportation process.?acts on behalf of its clients in arranging transportation services.祠handle multi modes of transportation including land, ocean and air transportation. Our familiarity with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, methods of shipping and Government import/export regulations provide our clients with the expertise they need.

Freight Forwarding

Customized supply chain solutions from facility design and management to flow through operations, ELS has the ability to analyze and provide process and process implementations.༯span>

Warehouse & Distribution Services

With dedicated fleet options, ELS can provide clients with integrated solutions that address Just In Time (JIT), priority and inventory requirements.⡬ancing cost effectiveness and process control is the aim of䨥se programs.

Dedicated Fleet

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